Celebrating Graduation

I graduated high school and college without much celebration.  Sure, I was happy, but I didn’t make a big deal of it.  A few years later, and I totally regret it!  So many great places are welcoming graduating seniors with open arms, and I have no idea why I didn’t just go have fun.
If I was graduating, I’d celebrate in Ocean City, Maryland.  Please, please let me live vicariously through you and help you plan your senior celebration!

Ocean City, Maryland has been a destination for graduating seniors for years. Memorial Day to the first 3 weeks of June have been dubbed “June Week”, and the seniors that come to have a good time are affectionately known as “Junebugs”.  Here are some tips and ideas for your June Week in Ocean City!

Get Yourself Somewhere to Stay

Some hotels and rental houses don’t rent to seniors.  Make sure you’re welcome when you get to Ocean City!  Here is a great list of the hotels that welcome seniors with open arms.

Thinking of getting the best rates at hotels.com?  Please don’t.  First, those rates aren’t always the best, and second, if something happens, often those reservations aren’t able to be cancelled.  (Not only college tips but travel tips for life too!)

I highly recommend booking your reservation at ocisfree.com.  Why?  Because when you do you get free stuff!  Stuff like restaurant certificates, free games of mini golf, waterpark passes… you know, stuff you’ll actually use to make your Senior Week amazing.  Just remember, that website shows many Ocean City hotels.  You need to make sure the hotel you choose is on that list of those that accept seniors.


Get a picture with this guy. It’s a thing!

What to Do

Alright, that was the hard part.  I’m glad we’re past it.  Speaking of free stuff, Ocean City also organizes a ton of free events for seniors only from May 31 – June 17.  I want my free rollercoaster ride and laser tag!  Someone please invent me a time machine.  Sorry their website sucks.

Another place to go? H2O Under 21 Dance Club.  Right off the Boardwalk.  So much fun.  Again, time machine, please and thank you.  Just make sure you keep it classy.


Some lovely girl riding the rides alone. Respect.

I can’t go to Ocean City without riding the rides.  The Zipper, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Matterhorn are my favorite.  The Bumper Cars and Carousel are iconic.  I made an absolute FOOL of myself on Aladdin’s Lamp.  There’s this spinning tube and I walked the wrong way, straight up the side like some sort of spider girl, and then promptly fell on my face. Cute.
Oh, and if you just met a girl that you think is totally hot, take her on the Himalaya.  Sit on the outside (always, gentlemen!).  Let the ride work it’s magic and soon she’ll be pressed against you giggling her head off.  Less obvious and more fun than The Giant Ferris Wheel.  But feel free to head there next.  You’re welcome.

Big enough for you and all your friends, or just for two.

And please, while you’re there yourself some delicious boardwalk food.  Trasher’s french fries, deep fried oreos, funnel cake… it’s non-stop deliciousness.

Seriously, I could write for days about fun things to do in Ocean City, but neither of us has that kind of attention span.  Just be sure to check out events that are happening around town so you don’t miss anything.

Now I need to start planning my next trip…

Want info on something I didn’t cover?  Feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you!


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