Dorm Essentials: Neverlate Alarm Clock

Upon my first week arriving at university I browsed the campus store and found an absolute gem. The Neverlate alarm clock from American Innovative.

neverlate clock

Not beautiful, but does the job with valor!

Now, I realize many of you are used to using your cell phone as an alarm, and that’s perfectly wonderful.  A great way to save money on an alarm clock.  But if you’re like me and you like an actual alarm clock, this is the way to go.

This clock is amazing. It may not be the hue of your new extra-long sheet set or have crazy cool sounds you can wake up to, but it will keep your life on track! Promise!

Let’s say you need to wake up at 8am on Monday/Wednesday, 9am on Tuesday/Thursday and 6am on Friday (for some ungodly reason). With this alarm clock, you can program the alarm for each separate day without ever having to change the alarm time! And, and, and! You never have to set the clock at night, so no more forgetting to set your alarm! You simply tell the clock which days you need the alarm to go off. This clock also has the option to wake up to radio, and even a nap function for those of you who love a regular 20 minute  (or however long you choose) afternoon snooze.

A bonus: This clock has a dial to set the time! No more hitting that annoying button to get to 7:55!

Honestly, this clock was my best purchase in college, and I managed to make it to nearly* all my morning classes.


*Disclosure: This clock will not prevent you from hitting snooze 15 times in one morning.


This clock is no longer available on the American Innovative website, but you can purchase the newest model, Neverlate Executive, here. More features, more stylish, more waking up power!


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